Mindfulness for Chronic Pain & Stress

Move Beyond the Limitations of Your Chronic Pain

Hi, I’m Clare Cresswell, a mindfulness coach with a special focus on chronic pain and stress.

I work with people who are challenged with long-term (chronic) health conditions and pain to find creative and manageable ways to live their lives to the full. Read more about me…

My Approach to Chronic Pain

The body is a complex system that requires a multi-dimensional approach to healing, especially in the cases of chronic pain, chronic illness, and stress. 

It is highly unusual to find that one intervention is THE answer.

My mindfulness courses aim to introduce you to the daily practice of mindfulness with the goal of reducing your pain experience by using exercises to help focus the mind and body in the moment without judgement.

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Courses

Research has shown that mindfulness is an effective way for many who are challenged with chronic pain to manage their symptoms. This course will teach you, in practical ways, how to improve how you cope with the challenges pain presents in everyday life.

Mindfulness for Stress Courses

My mindfulness for stress course will help you understand how the mind functions and defends itself against real or perceived threats, and learn how to relax your body while still keeping your mind alert and present. 

Do you suffer from…

Do you have difficulty with…

If so, I can help you to understand, relieve, and manage your condition.

Clare's Mindfulness course and ongoing support and guided meditations have helped me so much in my journey with chronic illness. Mindfulness has been very useful for me in coping with ongoing pain.
Nicole Germond
Lupus patient